About the Founder


Vilma Sacca is a humanitarian, passionate entrepreneur and professionally accredited performance coach who works with a variety of individuals helping them to learn about structure of Self, illuminate unconscious programs running their lives and transform them into a preferable ones, raise mental health awareness, clearly define personal goals, create the balance, grow the confidence to perform at best, and be excited to thrive in life. 

Being a curious and knowledge-oriented explorer in the areas of science, the world of uncanny or the supernatural, psychology, mathematics, and metaphysics Vilma has gathered deep knowledge by studying, testing and going through personal experience in those areas. She continues to upgrade her mastery, meanwhile she shares the revealed truths with others and helps to expand their level of consciousness.

She has learned to recognise the real value of things and people as they are, rather than looking at them as how she would like them to be. And she would like to show the benefit of it to other people too. Working to master this challenge has tremendous gifts for both people’s experiences and inner selves, but the most important one is the ability to recover quickly from whatever disappointments or frustrations they may encounter and move on; this ability increases the physical well-being, personal happiness and prosperity. 

Hers is a global outlook that has a humanitarian streak. This outlook developed into a philosophical, intuitive and knowledgeable frame of mind that expresses itself in the will to work for the ’greater good’. She works for a cause that aids or supports the well-being of others.


The Sacca Members Club's Purpose

Sacca Members Club is a platform centering attention on people's wellbeing, mental health, understanding the Self, exploring the world, learning about it through lenses of science, psychology, mathematics, and astrology.

Focusing on the innovations and discoveries, analysing the structure of ourselves, and helping people to identify their type of personality, training to accept it and become the best versions of themselves via guidance through self-development techniques and knowledge provided by experts from specified fields, as well as Vilma's personal experience.

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